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Life was simple for Kaity Jordan, which was just how she liked it. She lived alone in her grandparent's old, rundown house, but working as a barista, she was barely getting by. The peaceful moments for her was the time she spent watching dragonflies at the old Thaxton house and being in church. 

For Derek Mason, life was rushed and chaotic. As the owner of more than one multi-million dollar business, his main focus was on the bottom dollar and enjoying life. Money wasn't a problem for Derek, but loneliness and feeling like he has no purpose in life was.

From the moment Derek saw Kaity on the sidewalk, he was intrigued. She didn't seem like the other women he knew. Her smile was contagious and honest. There was nothing fake about this woman. When he saw her gazing at dragonflies in his field with pure joy, he knew he wanted to get to know her.

They were an unlikely pair. Him a billionaire and her a barista, but could it work? Could she show him how to find the joy she had? Was she the answer he had been looking for? 

Kaity didn't know it yet, but her life was about to change.

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Kori Masters is shy and not one to do anything spontaneously. But Lucas Jackson changes all of that. From the moment Kori meets Lucas, she’s prepared to defy all odds to be with him. The problem with that is that Lucas is in the Marines and gets deployed for his second tour in Iraq just after they meet.

Lucas is amazed when he meets Kori. She’s everything he’s ever wanted in a woman, but there are two things wrong. One, she’s his best friend’s sister and two, she’s young. But he can’t seem to get her out of his mind, so he has to take a chance.

Their relationship is like a whirlwind as they communicate through emails, short calls, and letters. When he comes home, they marry. Then he’s gone again on another tour, but he makes her promise that if anything goes wrong, she’s to be a strong marine wife. He knows that this tour is different and he may not return to his young wife. Their life is about to change in the worst way. The way she handles the news is pivotal. Love can make you stronger than you think you are. It can also make you hold out for a miracle.

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Rain, a book editor from New York, is taken back to the wild west where she meets Sloan Weatherby, a rancher in the 1850’s. Ever since childhood, Rain had read western romances and dreamed of living in Texas during the 1800’s. She’d always imagined being the wife of a rancher with work-roughened hands and a heart bigger than Texas. When she opens her eyes after writing in the journal, Sloan rescues her from a runaway stagecoach, their story begins to unfold.

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Coming Approx. May 12, 2020

     Marly loves anything old, so what starts out as a hobby, turns into a business. Since she’s a treasure diver in her spare time, she’s thrilled when the opportunity arises to run a store in the historic seaside town of Wishful Harbor.

Liam is a third-generation owner of the Wishful Harbor marina. His love of the little town has him giving tours of the beautiful harbor and that’s how he meets Marly. They hit it off as friends almost immediately. He agrees to take her out on a couple of local dives.

     When she hears the old tale of a shipwreck off the end of the lighthouse cape, she enlists Liam's help to find the treasure that was never found. But when her old boyfriend gets wind of it, he shows up wanting to take what she’s trying to find.

Together, she and Liam work to find the treasure before her old flame can. As they work together, they get closer. Even with her ex trying to get her back, Liam tries harder. Marly struggles to figure out if she wants to go back to what she knows, or find new love with Liam.

Coming Approx. June 29, 2020

     As the town of Mistletoe surprise Denver and Maddy with an engagement party for New Year’s Eve, a stranger shows up. She and Maddy soon become friends, but Denver is suspicious. As the wedding draws closer, Denver finds out that someone is trying to stake a claim on Mistletoe Ranch, and that someone is Maddy’s new friend. She claims to be Denver’s sister and says she has half ownership. Denver must prove that she’s not blood-kin to keep the Mistletoe. This causes a problem between him and Maddy. The wedding is jeopardized as the divide grows with the help of the stranger. Denver has to fight to keep Maddy and for the wedding to go on as planned.

Coming Approx. July 23, 2020

     Amber, a florist living on the beach in South Florida. Her love of the sea has filled her dreams as well as the thought of living on a pirate ship and capturing the heart of the captain. But when she opens her eyes after writing in the journal, she finds herself on a pirate ship in the middle of the ocean. The captain, George Drake is taken by surprise when he finds Amber in his cabin, lying in his bed. Amber had always imagined how it would be to fall in love with a rogue pirate, but as she stares into the angry eyes of Captain Drake, she begins to wonder if she’ll live to see her dreams unfold. She’s a stowaway on a pirate ship, which makes things get a little out of hand. Their story is a little wild but will unfold into a love story to last for all time.

Coming Approx. July 18,2020

     Bailey moved to Wishful Harbor hoping to start fresh without her family history haunting her. She opens the new souvenir shop in the historic little town and thinks that maybe she’s finally gotten away from the news.

     Sheriff Wick makes it his job to get to know all newcomers to the town. When he checks into Bailey’s history, he isn’t pleased with what he finds. It makes him want to get to know the new shop owner better. But as he gets to know her, he figures out that she’s nothing like the news portrays her.

     She’s gotten so used to pushing people away, she doesn’t realize when the sheriff is trying to get closer. He decides to make it his duty to show her that she’s not the person that people paint her to be. Her family's sins are not hers.

Coming Approx. September 29, 2020

     Denver and Maddy are excited when they find out that they are having a child, but the excitement grows when they find out its twins. With the pregnancy comes many health scares and Denver becomes too overprotective of Maddy. Then to add to the stress, a severe drought has taken over the area and Denver struggles to keep his cattle alive and the ranch up and running. As tension rises and tempers flare, Maddy collapses. With the fear of losing his wife and unborn children, Denver gives up on the ranch to take care of his family. The whole town steps in to help out, giving Denver hope for the future of the Mistletoe. The rain finally comes in with a flood as Maddy goes into labor. Will the water recede in time to get her to help or will he be forced to deliver them himself?

Coming Approx. October 25,2020

     Marina was known as a witch in Boston, but to those that knew her best, she was a healer. From the moment she first went back in time using an ancient journal, she knew that life would never be the same. The man she met was beyond anything she’d ever known. Ryland, a blacksmith, lived in a little French village in the early 1600s. From the moment they met, it was love at first sight. But the local king had an attraction for Marina that wasn’t reciprocated by Marina. When he tried to force her hand, Ryland stepped in. He took her away to a secluded place far away from the village. They lived happily and had a daughter. That was until the king found them and took out his revenge. Marina is forced to flee with her child back to Boston where she is thrown into the middle of the witch trials. She must do everything in her power to keep her daughter safe, and to keep her legacy intact.

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