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Wine, Wedding & The Cowboy
Released in December 2020

The trouble with pretend marrying your best friend is that it can only end one of two ways…
Her best friend.
Her first kiss.
Her protector.
The friend everyone wanted, but he was all hers and she knew he’d do anything for her.
His whole world.
And she could stop his heart with a smile.

They were inseparable. If you saw one of them, you saw the other. But something about their friendship was about to change. Abri needed to get married in 30 days and the only person she trusted was Baron. But it was just pretend. Right?

With a pretend relationship comes many trials. Could they pull this off? Would this turn into a complete disaster, tearing their lifelong friendship apart? Or would this be a new adventure for them both?

One overly traditional Italian father
One sneaky cousin who wants to destroy everything
One surprise kiss

Which one of the two ways will their pretend marriage end?

Released January 29, 2021

     Denver and Maddy are excited when they find out that they are having a child, but the excitement grows when they find out its twins. With the pregnancy comes many health scares and Denver becomes too overprotective of Maddy. Then to add to the stress, a severe drought has taken over the area and Denver struggles to keep his cattle alive and the ranch up and running. As tension rises and tempers flare, Maddy collapses. With the fear of losing his wife and unborn children, Denver gives up on the ranch to take care of his family. The whole town steps in to help out, giving Denver hope for the future of the Mistletoe. The rain finally comes in with a flood as Maddy goes into labor. Will the water recede in time to get her to help or will he be forced to deliver them himself?


     Writing Christian romance was easy for Hadley. And that's how she liked things, simple. But one wrong turn and she finds herself in the middle of a horror story. One that will change the way she looks at everything and everyone around her. If she lived through this, it would be a miracle. She had one chance at safety.

     Drew left everything to find solace in Wyoming. His world had been filled with espionage, murder, and keeping the country safe as a member of an elite Navy Seal team. But now, all he wanted was peace. That would change in an instant with one phone call. Drew couldn't go back to that life, but now he has no choice.

     To get the job done, Drew has to dip into the darkest part of his soul. The part he'd locked away. The moment Hadley sets eyes on Drew, she isn't sure which way to run, back toward the imminent danger or toward the man standing in front of her. Both can end her in the blink of an eye.

Released May 12, 2021