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The Journal

The Knight of her Heart

knight of her heart
The Knight of her Heart.jpg

Can an age-old spell change the course of time?
Willa Granger, an antique dealer from Salem, doesn’t know how her life is about to change when she inherits a journal from her great-great-grandmother. The journal has a spell on it. The moment Willa begins to write in it, she’s transported back to medieval Ireland. 
That’s where Sir Rolfe Gawain, a Knight in the king’s court, finds her. He’s suspicious of her clothing and the way she speaks, but something inside of him wants to protect her. With growing tensions at the palace regarding witchcraft, he must keep the way she says she arrived a secret.
They soon find themselves on the run from the king as suspicions arise about Willa’s sudden appearance. But as they sail across the sea to England, a bond grows between them that is unshakeable. Just when they think all is well, they are captured, and Willa’s life is threatened. The couple makes a difficult choice. Will it separate them forever? Will they find their way back to one another?


The Cowboy of her Dreams

Cowboy of her dreams
The Cowboy of her Dreams.jpg

Rain, a book editor from New York, is taken back to the wild west where she meets Sloan Weatherby, a rancher in the 1850’s. Ever since childhood, Rain had read western romances and dreamed of living in Texas during the 1800’s. She’d always imagined being the wife of a rancher with work-roughened hands and a heart bigger than Texas. When she opens her eyes after writing in the journal, Sloan rescues her from a runaway stagecoach, their story begins to unfold.



The Pirate of her Desire

The Pirate cover.jpg

     Amber, a florist living on the beach in South Florida. Her love of the sea has filled her dreams as well as the thought of living on a pirate ship and capturing the heart of the captain. But when she opens her eyes after writing in the journal, she finds herself on a pirate ship in the middle of the ocean. The captain, George Drake is taken by surprise when he finds Amber in his cabin, lying in his bed. Amber had always imagined how it would be to fall in love with a rogue pirate, but as she stares into the angry eyes of Captain Drake, she begins to wonder if she’ll live to see her dreams unfold. She’s a stowaway on a pirate ship, which makes things get a little out of hand. Their story is a little wild but will unfold into a love story to last for all time.



Marina's Story

Timeless Love Front cover.jpg

The final book of The Journal Series is a short story about the woman that created the Journals.

One spell, two hearts, three journals, four epic love stories.

Marina was known as a witch in Boston, but to those that knew her best, she was a healer. From the moment she first went back in time using an ancient journal, she knew that life would never be the same. The man she met was beyond anything she’d ever known.

Ryland, a blacksmith living in a little French village in the early 1600’s knew from the moment he saw Marina that she was his true love. But the local king also loved Marina and would do anything to have her as his own.

They are forced to hide away where they start their happy life, or so they thought… When Marina is forced back to 1739 Boston she must do everything in her power to keep her daughter safe.

In a time where witches were still seen as a threat, Marina will make a decision that will impact generations to come.

And who knows, you may find one of the journals one day and get sent to your true love... Anything can happen when love is involved. Happy reading!

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