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Tangled Vines

Beyond One Moment

beyond one moment
Beyond One Moment Front cover.jpg

From the moment Vanessa Owen sets eyes on the old, rundown vineyard set in the Tennessee mountains, she’s lost. With a growing career as a Stock Broker in Boston, her last thoughts were that she’d leave everything she’d worked so hard for and move to Tennessee to run a vineyard.

In comes the problem with this new venture, Vanessa has no idea how to run a vineyard, much less one that’s rundown and vacant. Now, she could ignore the desire to get this place back to its former glory and go back to her lonely existence in Boston. Or she could dig her heels in, resign her position at the prestigious firm she’d fought to get in, and buy this place. But, she’d need help, expert help.

From the moment Jason Tate walks into her life, Vanessa doesn’t like him. He’s arrogant in a way that makes her want to slap the confident smile off his handsome face. But he has something Vanessa doesn’t, years of experience running a vineyard. So, what does she do, she buys the vineyard, resigns, and hires the one man that can help her.

Tarnished Silver

tarnished silver
Tarnished Silver Front Cover.jpg

     April is unprepared to return to Tarnished Silver when her father suddenly dies. She has to take over running the family vineyard in the north Georgia mountains, but it’s not in her plans to stay. To make things worse, her ex-boyfriend is running the stables on the property, which makes her want to leave soon. That is until she figures out that someone has forged some documents and changed her father's will.

     Brad never got over April, but he forced himself to move on. When she comes back to run the vineyard, he’s forced to deal with the old feelings that come crashing back in. He’d do anything to protect her and when he sees that this could be more than just a money thing, he steps in to help with the investigation.

     Together they must figure out who is behind the forged paperwork before the deadline is up. The more they work together, the closer they are to reuniting until someone gets in the middle and does everything to keep them apart, permanently.

Wine, Wedding & The Cowboy

WW&C Front cover.jpg

The trouble with pretend marrying your best friend is that it can only end one of two ways…

Her best friend.
Her first kiss.
Her protector.
The friend everyone wanted, but he was all hers and she knew he’d do anything for her.

His whole world.
And she could stop his heart with a smile.

They were inseparable. If you saw one of them, you saw the other. But something about their friendship was about to change. Abri needed to get married in 30 days and the only person she trusted was Baron. But it was just pretend. Right?

With a pretend relationship comes many trials. Could they pull this off? Would this turn into a complete disaster, tearing their lifelong friendship apart? Or would this be a new adventure for them both?

One overly traditional Italian father
One sneaky cousin who wants to destroy everything
One surprise kiss

Which one of the two ways will their pretend marriage end?

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