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Mistletoe Ranch

Christmas at Mistletoe Ranch

Christmas @Mistletoe
Mistletoe Christmas Front.jpg

Maddy Raleigh is desperate, her confidence in finding herself gone, so she takes a job as a ranch hand in Mistletoe, Montana. She’s not prepared for the bitter cold and snow.


Denver Hanson is a former rodeo king, turned family ranch owner. He’s been through so much in his lifetime that he’s become somewhat of a hermit. His only concern is his ranch, but he is surprised to hear this tiny woman is the new employee at the ranch. 

Something begins to brew between them, but both are aware that anything between them would cause problems, but they can’t just pretend like there’s nothing there. The struggle the two of them go through in order to do the right thing drives them further apart. Can they find a way or will Maddy be heading back to Georgia before Christmas?

Wedding at Mistletoe Ranch

Wedding @ Mistletoe
wedding front cover.jpg

     As the town of Mistletoe surprise Denver and Maddy with an engagement party for New Year’s Eve, a stranger shows up. She and Maddy soon become friends, but Denver is suspicious. As the wedding draws closer, Denver finds out that someone is trying to stake a claim on Mistletoe Ranch, and that someone is Maddy’s new friend. She claims to be Denver’s sister and says she has half ownership. Denver must prove that she’s not blood-kin to keep the Mistletoe. This causes a problem between him and Maddy. The wedding is jeopardized as the divide grows with the help of the stranger. Denver has to fight to keep Maddy and for the wedding to go on as planned.

Double Take @

Double Take at Mistletoe Ranch

Double take front cover.jpg

     Denver and Maddy are excited when they find out that they are having a child, but the excitement grows when they find out its twins. With the pregnancy comes many health scares and Denver becomes too overprotective of Maddy. Then to add to the stress, a severe drought has taken over the area and Denver struggles to keep his cattle alive and the ranch up and running. As tension rises and tempers flare, Maddy collapses. With the fear of losing his wife and unborn children, Denver gives up on the ranch to take care of his family. The whole town steps in to help out, giving Denver hope for the future of the Mistletoe. The rain finally comes in with a flood as Maddy goes into labor. Will the water recede in time to get her to help or will he be forced to deliver them himself?

Released January 29, 2021!

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