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Flames of Love

Tender Flames

tender flames

In the 1st book in the ‘Flames of Love’ Series, Sara’s heart swells every time Wes is near. Can her childhood friend become more or just grow away from her? Will Zack turn her heart away from his brother? Love works in mysterious ways and a heart has a will of its own. Sometimes our futures change in a moment…

Rekindled Flame


He haunts her dreams; She torments his nights!

When her father’s funeral brings her home, Lydia is forced to face hard reality. She left town two years earlier with a secret and a broken heart. The problem is the man behind her heart break is at the funeral sending her into a complete panic. The fire they started that fated New Year’s Eve two years ago is still smoldering and one look sets the sparks flying. Find out if love wins or burns out forever? This is the 2nd book in the “Flames of Love” series.

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