Lean on Him

With All My Heart


When Amanda moves to a small town to pursue her career as a Children's Minister, she never expects to find the man God has sent for her. But just as she opens her heart up to him something terrible happens to her causing her to shut the world out, including the love of her life. Will he be able to help her find her faith or will she forever be lost?

Faith Through the Tears


When Randy lost his wife, he fell apart, his faith tested. She was his soul mate. But he had to start life alone with his two little girls. Things change drastically when Joy moves in to help with the house and the girls. Suddenly he feels alive again. Can he love again? Is she the Christian woman he’d prayed for? His faith is tested and rewarded in this sweet story of loss, new love and test of faith.

Her Wish For Christmas


He would test her faith... She would help him find his... They knew God had brought them together for a reason. But when Bella realizes that Simon might not be what she had thought, will she be able to save herself? When something triggers a violence in him will their marriage and their faith be able to survive? This is a journey of faith through the dark, dangerous world of domestic violence and how God can heal all wounds.

Sowing the Right Seed


Carly Rhodes had come home to run the family farm, but she never expected to be sharing the responsibility with the man she’d had a crush on before the left over ten years ago. Together they have to make the farm work or she’ll lose everything. The feelings bubbling under the surface are making both of them on edge. Will they find a happily ever after or will she push him away like before?