Women of Magnolia Hill



Victoria Slaughter was a strong willed young woman. She knew what she wanted in a husband and it wasn’t going to be a prearranged marriage as her parents had. When the Civil War looms near, her father has to take matters into his own hands. In comes Zane Camden, a hard-working, handsome shipping magnate from Boston. Victoria immediately turned her back on him. Could he win her over? Would her father force her hand? Would the Civil War change things forever at Magnolia Hill Plantation?

Emma Rose


Emma Rose has to move forward, but the dreams of a forbidden moonlit kiss haunt her. A proposal from another man could change the path she chose for herself. When her first love comes back to town her heart is torn between the man she has loved all her life and the man that can give her what she needs. When Ethan tries to unmask Peter’s true intentions will Emma see the truth?



Lily Raleigh never dreamed that one day she’d leave her beloved Magnolia Hill. Then when William Tyler, a young school superintendent offers her the job of teaching in Nevada, she accepts. The moment she steps off the train in the dusty, gold rush town in Nevada, she rethinks her decision. With William by her side, she pushes forward. Their relationship blossoms into something special. Then tragedy strikes at Magnolia Hill, sending Lily back home. She feels life will never be the same for her, but William plans on setting things back right.



The woman of Magnolia Hill have always been strong, but the new generation has to face many trials and one will bring her to her knees. One man will keep her from leaving behind her heritage when disaster strikes. Magnolia Hill will never be the same again…

Women of Magnolia Hill - The Complete Saga

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Go on the full journey with the Woman of Magnolia Hill! This complete saga contains Victoria, Emma Rose, Lily and Georgia all in one!