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Mail Order Bride

A Light Upon My Heart

A light Upon my Heart

Naomi Harris is only 18 when she’s sent from Georgia to Montana to marry a stranger. Joseph Walsh is a wealthy, 30-year-old, ranch owner, but he’s lonely and in need of a Christian bride. Naomi’s poor home life doesn’t prepare her for life on a large ranch and Joseph’s not sure how to react to the innocent young woman that he brought across the country to be his bride. Many obstacles stand in their way as they strive to make their marriage work, but can they get past them? The worst one is the secret that Naomi keeps, it could destroy what they’ve worked to gain. She can’t go back home, ever…

When Spring COmes

When Spring Comes

When Spring Comes cover.jpg

This Mail Order Bride book will take you on a journey between Grace and Samuel as they are forced to put their grief aside in order to make things work out. But that's not as easy as it seems...Grace had no choice... She left Austin knowing life would never be the same. Samuel didn't want to find love, just someone to help with the house and give him children. Their start was a rocky one and with each new day, the space between them grew. Will his grief over the loss of his wife and child push her away or bring them closer as she grieves for the loss of her parents? Together they must find common ground or Grace will be on the first train back to Austin in the Spring.

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