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Cowen Clan

Highlander's Heart


The moment Laird Ewan Cowen looks into Evina McLeod’s emerald green eyes, the sparks fly. He needs a bride and she needs his protection from the evil Laird McKinney. When Ewan offers marriage in exchange for his protection, Evina has no choice, but the love that unfolds in the days before their wedding is unexpected. Neither of them knew that McKinney had a hidden agenda. Evina was the pawn in McKinney’s plan and after they were wed, he would see his plan accomplished, ending Ewan’s life in the process with the help of a spy within Ewan’s clan. Romance, adventure and secrets fill this book set in 1725 Scotland.

Highlander's Bride


In the 2nd book of the Cowen series, adventure and romance fill the pages as Laird Ewan thought he'd be starting his life with Evina, the one woman that stole his breath away, but Laird McKinney had other plans. With Evina kidnapped only moments before the wedding, Laird Ewan, angry and desperate, goes out in search of his love, vowing to bring her back, even if it meant his life. With everything at stake, Ewan and his army search the land for Evina, but when they find her, will it be too late? Will they have their happily ever after or will McKinney get his revenge and win the one woman that Ewan can't live without?

Highlander's Son


In this last book of the Cowen Clan Series, Evina finds out she's with child, but Ewan is missing. Will he return or has McKinney had his final revenge? When all hope is lost, Evina turns sick from poisoning. Hildy struggles to keep Evina and her unborn child alive, as the poison Ceana put in Evina's drink threatens to kill them both. Will Ewan return in time, or will the Cowen legacy end?

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