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Alpine Romance

Open the Heart

Open the heart
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Find the magic of Christmas Love inside the pages of this sweet romance about two broken hearts that need a little nudge... When Lacey Dannon gets left at the altar she’s stunned. Her best friend acts quickly and puts her on a plane to the destination of her dreams, Switzerland at Christmas time. The destination also includes staying in a chalet with a grieving Cowboy, Drake Tyler. He has his reasons for staying in the Alps alone. When their eyes meet for the first time, they know it’s something special, but will their past pull them apart or will the love of Christmas Open the Heart…

Lacey's Choice

Laceys choice

Within hours of Lacey's acceptance of Drakes's proposal, Brent, the man that left her at the altar calls, wanting another chance. Lacey refuses him, but Drake pushes her to go back to America to face her past so their future can be untarnished. Unsure and scared, Lacey does as Drake wishes.

Drake knows her heart and is confident she'll return to Switzerland and meet him at the altar, but with her so many miles away, he begins to rethink his decision to send her home. With every call, she sounds the same, but he's afraid he'll lose her. He knows his heart can't face another loss.

Neither are sure how this experiment will end, but love always finds a way, even if the road to true love is bumpy and scary. This romance is full of romance, old loves, and new experiences. If you like a romance that will make you think, then this is the romance for you...

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