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Sky Ridge

Promises Made


Sometimes love doesn't come before marriage; sometimes love drifts in when you least expect it...

Joy Ryder is a dreamer that loves a good thunderstorm and taking care of her father, but deep down she longs for love to sweep her away. Her life is filled with hard work on the small farm that her father owns. Their life isn't easy, but it's all Joy has ever known. She'd do anything for her father, even marry a man she doesn't love when their farm is threatened.
Nash Collins is part Cheyenne and rough around the edges. He'd given up on marriage a long time ago. Nobody wanted their daughter to marry a half-breed. Then when Hank Ryder comes to him with a business proposition, he realizes that his dream of having a family of his own is about to come true. But, would Hank's daughter become the wife he needed?
A hasty wedding makes for a rough start to a marriage, but Joy sees it as no choice. She soon realizes that marriage to the handsome Nash Collins isn't that bad. Love takes them by surprise as they get to know one another. It's just after their love blooms that Nash is called away. Will it tear them apart or make their love stronger?

Promises Forgotten


After a hasty marriage, Joy had never expected to fall in love with Nash, but she had. Soon after, he was called away to do his duty as the negotiator between the army and the northern Indian tribes. It was dangerous and Nash only hoped that he could soon return to his beautiful young wife. Joy lay every night, waiting for her love to return. 
Then word came of his capture, which made Joy wonder if he'd ever return to her. After months of waiting, he did return, but as a broken man. Joy didn't know if she'd ever get her husband back. Love can work in strange ways and the simplest surprises can make everything right or tear them apart forever.

Promises Kept


They say love can heal anything, but can it heal this?

After Nash’s background forced them to flee, all Joy and Nash could do was hope that they would be back home before the baby arrived. But not long after the start of their journey, their wagon is destroyed and they both fall ill. When she wakes up and remembers nothing, not even who the father of her unborn child is she knows she has to do something.

Both have an uphill battle to overcome this heartache. Can their enduring love survive the challenge that their future holds? They will need a lot of faith and a miracle…

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