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Stand Alone Titles

To Dance with Dragonflies

Dragonflies Front Cover.jpg

Life was simple for Kaity Jordan, which was just how she liked it. She lived alone in her grandparent's old, rundown house, but working as a barista, she was barely getting by. The peaceful moments for her was the time she spent watching dragonflies at the old Thaxton house and being in church. 

For Derek Mason, life was rushed and chaotic. As the owner of more than one multi-million dollar business, his main focus was on the bottom dollar and enjoying life. Money wasn't a problem for Derek, but loneliness and feeling like he has no purpose in life was.

From the moment Derek saw Kaity on the sidewalk, he was intrigued. She didn't seem like the other women he knew. Her smile was contagious and honest. There was nothing fake about this woman. When he saw her gazing at dragonflies in his field with pure joy, he knew he wanted to get to know her.

They were an unlikely pair. Him a billionaire and her a barista, but could it work? Could she show him how to find the joy she had? Was she the answer he had been looking for? 

Kaity didn't know it yet, but her life was about to change.

The Christmas Wish

christmas wish
Christmas Wish Front.jpg

     From the moment Sophie was old enough to see over the counter, she’s loved to bake. She when the opportunity to own a bakery in Winter Montana came along, she jumped. Not only would she get to bake, but the town was focused on Christmas year-round, which was her other love.

     Hampton had been a rancher all his life. He loved his coffee a certain way and had a huge sweet tooth. Although he was a stubborn man, when he found something he was interested in, he set out to get it. From the moment he met Sophie, he was intrigued. But her love of Christmas kept him at bay. He’d never been a big Christmas lover, and that made for a bad combination with the new bakery owner.

     Sophie makes it a challenge to teach him to love Christmas again. When she makes a wish with Santa on a snowy night, she doesn’t know she sets everything in motion for both to have a Merry Christmas.

You Were My World

You Were My World Front Cover.jpg

Kori Masters is shy and not one to do anything spontaneously. But Lucas Jackson changes all of that. From the moment Kori meets Lucas, she’s prepared to defy all odds to be with him. The problem with that is that Lucas is in the Marines and gets deployed for his second tour in Iraq just after they meet.

Lucas is amazed when he meets Kori. She’s everything he’s ever wanted in a woman, but there are two things wrong. One, she’s his best friend’s sister and two, she’s young. But he can’t seem to get her out of his mind, so he has to take a chance.

Their relationship is like a whirlwind as they communicate through emails, short calls, and letters. When he comes home, they marry. Then he’s gone again on another tour, but he makes her promise that if anything goes wrong, she’s to be a strong marine wife. He knows that this tour is different and he may not return to his young wife. Their life is about to change in the worst way. The way she handles the news is pivotal. Love can make you stronger than you think you are. It can also make you hold out for a miracle.


NEW tuscany front cover.jpg

Sometimes life leads us on a different path... Fall in love with Tuscany as you follow Lana on the adventure of a lifetime... When Lana Daniels, a simple girl from Georgia inherits a large olive farm in Tuscany, her world is turned upside down. Then she meets Romeo Russo, the farm’s foreman, the most handsome and infuriating man she had ever met. Romeo loves the farm and is afraid that Lana will ruin everything if she stays. But as he gets to know her, he can't imagine the place without her. Just when he thinks that they can have something together, she finds out that she has three months to decide whether to stay in Italy or sell her grandmother’s legacy.
As accidents start to happen on the farm, Romeo and Lana try to figure out who is behind it all. The more they work together, the closer they get. When a lie tears Lana and Romeo apart, Lana disappears leaving Romeo confused. Can she stay away or will she sell the farm and never look back?.
Tuscany made it to the Top 55 out of 905 of Harlequin's 2015 So You Think You Can Write Contest...

Falling Snow

Falling Snow
revised front cover.jpg

Katie's dream was to keep her bed and breakfast in the mountains of Virginia running. After her husband died at a young age, she'd given up on love and just worked hard, trying to keep her mind off the grief. Noah only wanted to get to Atlanta to take care of an issue at his corporate office, but a snowstorm has grounded him and the only place to stay is Gingerbread House. The minute he walks in, his eyes roll with disgust. He hated Christmas and this place was covered in it. 
Over the next couple of days, through Kate's love of Christmas, Noah heart begins to melt, but is it enough? Then one night, her neighbor who is

Finding the Right Time

Finding the Right Time
revised front cover.jpg

Can dreams tell you about your past life? When Lily moves to Savannah to start her new career she moves into the very house she’s dreamed about since childhood. The landlord is a little too familiar and the cemetery on the property carries memories from her past. When she slips into the past everything comes back, even the man from her dreams. Can Rafe keep her in the past or will she slip from him again? Will their love transcend time? This is a hauntingly sweet romance that will keep you guessing until the end. He bowed his head and shook it from side to side. “I don’t understand how a man that’s been dead for over one hundred years can just take over your heart. How can you even think about going back to him? If you love me, how can you love him too?”

Mountain Bliss

Mountain Bliss

It’s been 20 years since Laura left everything behind for her career. Now in order to honor her father’s will she is forced to live on the family ranch with Mark, the man she left behind. They must learn to work together or lose everything. As the year plays out, many obstacles block their path making them realize what they’d lost over the years. The old feelings never left, but has too much time passed by to rekindle the old flame?  

Seaside Beginnings

Seaside Beginnings

When Maddy loses her husband, she has to start her life over at 45. She decides to follow her dream of buying a Bed and Breakfast and quickly learns it's more work than she thought. The infuriating contractor she hires to help out is stubborn and hard headed, and they quickly become best friends. But will Seaside Beginnings bring them closer or tear them apart?

Holly Cottage

holly cottage
Holly Cottage - Front Cover.jpg

The magic of Christmas can melt even the coldest of hearts, and change someone's entire life...
When romance author, Heidi Roarke loses her Christmas spirit, her agent suggests that she spends Christmas in a town that is all about the holiday. With major reservations about this plan, she books a room at the Holly Cottage in Hollyville. From the moment she steps into the Cottage, she feels different. Then she meets Eric Bale, the 3rd generation owner of the bed and breakfast, which changes everything. She falls in love with the community of Hollyville and helps fight the Mayor's choice to quit funding the orphanage.
Eric Bale takes one look at Heidi and decides to give her the best Christmas ever. But what he didn't expect was to feel the way he does about her. Then he sees her with the children at the local orphanage, and he loses more of his heart.
As Christmas Day arrives, neither can deny that there is something happening, but is it just the holidays or something more? But when tragedy strikes, the town pulls together to try to keep things the same. Will Christmas be forever changed for Heidi and Eric, or will they find the love they both need? This is a sweet romance that will help you find your Christmas spirit, so grab a cup of hot chocolate and get lost in Hollyville...

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