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Wishful Harbor

Breakwater Lane

Breakwater Lane Front Cover300.jpg

When Jordan Reed inherits her grandfather's deli in small town Wishful Harbor, her life is turned upside down. Things start to look better when her childhood crush, Skylar, turns out to be her new contractor. When someone tries to intervene in Jordan and Skylar's relationships the mysteries of Jordan's family start to unravel. What she learns could change her life and her family's reputation forever.

Hideaway Lane

The 2nd book in the Wishful Harbor serie

When a small fire in Julie's bookstore brings the firemen, she's shocked to find out one of them is her old high school crush, Paul Wells. Paul can't believe his luck, so he asks her to the town festival. He's now the owner of the Christmas tree farm on Hideaway Lane, the one Julie has been going to all her life. But, when the bank threatens to take the farm from him, Julie steps in to help. Romance blooms in this story of old crushes, Christmas spirit, and small-town charm.

Inlet Circle

Inlet Circle cover design.jpg

In the small town of Wishful Harbor, life is good, that is until things go wrong. When Lacey, the owner of One More Cup, the local coffee shop slides on the ice and right into the side of Chip's truck, the sparks fly. Chip has come to town to take over ownership of the Inlet Cove Inn. Neither of them is ready for anything more than friendship, but when they're stranded at the Inn with no power for twenty-four hours, they think that maybe love could heal old wounds. But, only time will tell in this sweet, small-town romance.

Pier Cove

Pier Cover cover design.jpg

     Marly loves anything old, so what starts out as a hobby, turns into a business. Since she’s a treasure diver in her spare time, she’s thrilled when the opportunity arises to run a store in the historic seaside town of Wishful Harbor.

Liam is a third-generation owner of the Wishful Harbor marina. His love of the little town has him giving tours of the beautiful harbor and that’s how he meets Marly. They hit it off as friends almost immediately. He agrees to take her out on a couple of local dives.

     When she hears the old tale of a shipwreck off the end of the lighthouse cape, she enlists Liam's help to find the treasure that was never found. But when her old boyfriend gets wind of it, he shows up wanting to take what she’s trying to find.

Together, she and Liam work to find the treasure before her old flame can. As they work together, they get closer. Even with her ex trying to get her back, Liam tries harder. Marly struggles to figure out if she wants to go back to what she knows, or find new love with Liam.


Bay Street

Bay Street Cover Design.jpg

     Bailey moved to Wishful Harbor hoping to start fresh without her family history haunting her. She opens the new souvenir shop in the historic little town and thinks that maybe she’s finally gotten away from the news.

     Sheriff Wick makes it his job to get to know all newcomers to the town. When he checks into Bailey’s history, he isn’t pleased with what he finds. It makes him want to get to know the new shop owner better. But as he gets to know her, he figures out that she’s nothing like the news portrays her.

     She’s gotten so used to pushing people away, she doesn’t realize when the sheriff is trying to get closer. He decides to make it his duty to show her that she’s not the person that people paint her to be. Her family's sins are not hers.

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